Fitness Center

Start Living Fit with the New JSM Fitness Center

JSM Apartments is pleased to offer our residential tenants the resident exclusive JSM Fitness Center! All JSM residents get the oppurtunity to receive exclusive access to the Fitness Center at move-in. The JSM Fitness Center allows JSM residents to feel & look the best while living with JSM all for FREE! 

Visit the JSM website, FacebookTwitter and Instagram page often to learn about the Fitness Center. Watch for special pop-up events and giveaways for JSM Fitness Center Members. 

The JSM Fitness Center is open from 6am-12am daily and is located at 707 S. Sixth St., Champaign (right off Green Street)!

Here's how it works: 

>Sign a lease with JSM and gain FREE instant access to the JSM Fitness Center upon move-in 

>Look at our Fitness Center FAQ for more information!


Check out our video of the Fitness Center below!